Introducing Experiential Learning And Its Benefits By Michael Giannulis
Michael Giannulis

Introducing Experiential Learning And Its Benefits By Michael Giannulis

Right now, from what can be seen on the educational ground, student disengagement is on the hike. Most of the time, teachers will find them all jammed up. On their phones, talking to friends, or simply zoning out! But, things have changed and there is a new way to tackle such situations for gaining momentum and that is through the task of experiential learning. You could ask experts like Michael Giannulis for more information on such new learning modes and they are ready to help you with some answers.

Common in school as per Michael Giannulis:

On a global font, this experiential learning is gaining quite some popularity in schools. The learning approach over here is likely to involve. Immersing the students into some of the real-world problems or situations.

  • The main goal of this learning module is to provide students with some firsthand experiences. Where they need to learn more about decision making, practice planning, teamwork and so much more.
  • You can try working on this module right outside the classroom if you want. For example, you can try taking students for a zoo or museum visit. But, this year, all these ventures might turn online because of the growing pandemic scenario.

The activities you can address:

There are multiple activities that can be a part of this experiential learning. So, learning about those activities beforehand is a must for every teacher, in order to help students gain more interest in their respective subjects.

  • The first one has to be the fieldwork, but this method might. Come to a standstill right now because of the COVID scenario. Generally, in this case, the students are asked to go out and then collect some valuable data on their subjects. Right now, it can be done online as well through some surveys and questionnaires. Which will later get presented to the class.
  • Then you have the task of role-playing. Here, the teachers will get students to act on our multiple scenes. Any form of the imaginary student has been proven to teach students how multiple behaviors. And actions can differentiate the outcomes under multiple sectors.
  • Even collaboration exercises will provide students with a debate or problem in teams and will then asks them. To come up with some new solutions and ideas. It can be anything right from a mock business issue to a philosophical debate. The main goal is to think about various scenes and act accordingly but wisely.

Get the ability op apply immediate knowledge according to Mike Giannulis:

If you ask experts like Mike Giannulis, there are various benefits that experiential learning has in store. It will help you to apply your immediate knowledge to solve some of the real-life challenges. Furthermore, you get the chance to access some of the real-time coaching and feedback. It helps to promote ultimate teamwork and communication skills, which are indeed a necessity in upcoming working life. So, getting hold of experiential learning won’t be a tough note these days.

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