Introductory Note Towards Mobile-First Learning From Michael Giannulis
Michael Giannulis

Introductory Note Towards Mobile-First Learning From Michael Giannulis

By 2021, Michael Giannulis get to see so many new modes of education. Just like VR and AR values and online learning. You will come to realize the importance of mobile-first learning soon enough. Mobile-first based learning system has right now given rise to the latest educational issues and trends of 2021. Here, it means that the mobile app of any desktop site will prove to be more adaptable. To greater screens for the millennial students out there.

According to Michael Giannulis, students now get fast access to some of their course materials. With the help of their mobile phones. For that, they don’t have to move to any university or college physically. Moreover, whether they are traveling or just eating during break time. These courses remain available on their mobile phone with few touches.

So, m-learning has right now, won the attention of multiple educators, whose main goal is to design. A perfect education system for the upcoming generation. As people are more glued up to their smartphones these days. This m-learning will be a life-changing mode of education in no time.

Dealing with the idea of mobile first LMS from Michael Giannulis:

The LMS or the learning management system is widely used for management, tacking, and delivering training content well. You can see its uses in the corporate sectors. More for enterprise training purposes, but right now, it is making its way into college studies as well.

  • Using one proper LMS will help you to manage and deliver the online courses in a simpler manner.
  • It will further help the HR team, managers, and employees to keep wide track of the training progress. And their right timely completion.
  • With the help of mobile-first LMS, you can make the content easily accessible to the users on their mobile devices.
  • It is one convenient way to deliver some of the best web based training modules. To anyone, and even to employees in the corporate sector.

Comes with better completion rate according to Mike Giannulis:

If you ask experts like Mike Giannulis, you will realize that mobile-first learning comes in handy. With a better completion rate and even with higher knowledge retention. The courses are bite-sized and mostly concise in nature. It will help the learners to complete one course quickly and then move on to the next target.

Also visually appealing and with simple interface:

Whenever you are planning for mobile-first learning, be sure that the design remains simple. And also visually appealing to employees. In case the screen remains cluttered and even confusing. The employees might lose focus and then get to navigate somewhere else. So, it is vital to offer clearer instructions on ways. To navigate through LMS and then take up the sorted out assigned courses.

So, these points are enough to prove the importance of mobile-first learning. It is forming a significant part of 2021 education and is likely to continue. Its popularity throughout the next upcoming years as well.

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