Let your brand speak and share its story – Smart brand-building tactics by Mike Giannulis

Let your brand speak and share its story – Smart brand-building tactics by Mike Giannulis

Mike Giannulis one of the common goals for most businesses is to increase their tactics of brand recall value! In its simplest form, brand recall indicates the times or moments when your existing and target customers think or recollect your brand image or logo. And herein lies the biggest secret of brand building strategy. What does a potential or existing customer feel when they recollect your brand? Do they feel empowered? Do they feel exhilarated or a feel-good factor? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can implement better brand-building tactics.

Brand building processes by Mike Giannulis

Your brand is like a person. The brand exudes specific energy that resonates with the user’s needs and also caters to its pain points. Your brand persona syncs in with what a customer wants to attain at an aspirational level. And you can use this sentiment to design your brand logo and also service offerings. Mike Giannulis, an able entrepreneur who loves to read about brand building initiatives, suggests the following steps:

  1. Redesign the logo

Often brands realize that they can do better with their logo design after the business launch. Do you resonate with that? If yes, go ahead and give quality thought to your brand logo. Assess the emotions that it invokes in people. Is the brand logo matching up with the service or products offered? What are the sentiments and also feelings do you want to communicate through your brand? Is your brand successfully doing the same? Conduct an audience dipstick to understand the same. Use the correct color combination and tone in your brand logo to communicate the sentiment or message you want.

2. Ensure brand consistency and brand honesty

As a brand, you need to approximate two qualities above all. You have to stay consistent and be honest. You should follow your promise and also maintain the brand image regularly in every social media aspect. The quality of consistency and honesty makes people read your brand as loyal and trustworthy. It also goes to create tactics for loyal customers. If your brand can’t promise something, make sure not to promise the same.

To stay consistent, you need to know the reason behind your brand’s existence. Once you know that, you can set up a smart tactics branding strategy, develop the brand, and share it on social media. Welcome questions and audience reactions on the social media page. Answer the questions and attend to customer queries to your best capacity. That will let your audience know that you care about their demands and thoughts, and you’ll get perceived accordingly.

3. Manage online reputation initiatives

The online world is more active today! It is essential to have a reputed online brand reputation for adding to your tactics brand persona and also image. Are there adverse claims and articles about you? If yes, then without getting the defensive, try and also check whether these claims and articles have any grain of truth in it or not. Take time to smoothen all the grey areas of your brand, which will help you to have a seamless online reputation.

Getting a brand ambassador isn’t the only way to manage your brand. There are other initiatives you need to take to tactics to enhance the brand value. The above-mentioned pointers can help you attain that.

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