Michael Giannulis suggests how women can harness more power in business through real examples

Michael Giannulis suggests how women can harness more power in business through real examples

Michael Giannulis says it’s the 21st century and women have come a long way! They run big billion companies and are influencing people worldwide. The business world is dynamic and competitive. Women entrepreneurs and employees, who have a vision and want to approximate that in real life, need to feel powerful within and exude the same. Exuding power and being dominating are not the same. Power in business comes with knowledge, experience, and an ability to keep moving forward. Women who lead by example in business are the ones who are bringing about innovation and radical change in thought. And it’s good for other women to take ample inspiration from them

Michael Giannulis throws light on popular women in business

The world has witnessed several successful women in business by now. And each one of them has their definition and also understanding of power. Michael Giannulis is an entrepreneur who takes an interest in business changes and also women entrepreneurship, shares about a few women in business who are influential to others.

1. Julie Sweet, CEO, Accenture

According to Julie Sweet, real power is about harnessing the capacity within to take another person into a journey and also arrive at a favorable outcome. She further points out that there are CEOs who are well-known but not necessarily authoritative or useful when you get to know them closely. And it’s mostly because they failed to bring people along with the journey. They entirely were unable to translate their brand vision and make employees and also others walk together, with one coherent vision. Power is all about seamlessly communicating your mission and being able to front lead it with conviction and also acumen. It takes practice and enormous market research, study, and confidence in one’s actions and thought.

2. Christine Lagarde, President, European Central Bank

Christine talks about authentic leadership, which gives the power to make fundamental business transformations. Are you in leadership only for yourself? According to Christine, if that’s what your leadership is all about, it will only proceed that far. Hence, women entrepreneurs need to ensure that their leadership isn’t just about them. It should also welcome other young women who are doing good work and are getting marked for their excellent job. And that helps in business continuity! It means if you stop one day for some serious reason, these women should be able to carry on the journey of powerful and also effective entrepreneurship. Women entrepreneurs should encourage thought and also business leadership in other women as well.

3. Aileen Lee, Founder, Cowboy Ventures

Aileen’s business philosophy revolves around women who empower other women by action. She believes that if in a room full of people, one woman in power and also position spots another woman, who is powerful but isn’t speaking up, she should call out on her. Only through mutual respect and encouragement, women can motivate and empower other women to go ahead and also take control of the business and also organizations.

Women’s empowerment in business is a subject for endless discussion. However, as the business world dynamics change, women need to understand their potential and also strive forward. Women should move ahead with other women in power to amplify their power in business.

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