Resolve cash flow problems in your organization – Three steps by Michael Giannulis

Resolve cash flow problems in your organization – Three steps by Michael Giannulis

Every business or an organization making profits will witness cash flow issues once. The organization’s credit cards and also overdraft credit facilities can help organizations to resolve the short-term cashflow imbalance. But there needs to be detailed planning. Else, your organization might witness a shuddering halt.

Michael Giannulis’s three steps to resolve cashflow issues

Lack of cash flow is a serious business issue. Also, cashflow shortfall might prove to be a temporary blip, which won’t have a lasting effect on the long-term viability and also profitability in the business. Your company needs to address cash flow issues at the earliest and opt-in for solutions. Michael Giannulis, a leading entrepreneur who takes a keen interest in organization finances and other related topics, suggests the following steps.

Opt-in for a flexible credit line

It will provide fast cash access to your company. Invoice finance, short-term business loans, overdraft facilities, and the company credit cards are all of the help. You need to join hands with an authentic source so that there isn’t any more cash strain. At times, companies might find invoice finance and overdraft facilities as more useful choices in comparison to a short-term loan. You can opt-in for this as a cash cushion, depending on your need.

 Opt-in for finance audits

Is your organization witnessing cashflow shortages recurrently? If yes, you should assess your business finance carefully. Get in touch with your company accountant and review the business outgoing expenses and income to check the enhancements and savings that you can make. Take time to plan this. If you can’t minimize outgoings, you should differentiate between the expenses essential for the business and leave the rest. For instance, when you place a cap on staff overtime, it might bring down the business cost. But it would be best if you thought the way it influences the income. You might shift to a cheaper location to save money but will cater to the future goals you have set for your company.

Similarly, you can opt-in for easy enhancements which can maximize your earning. You might think of adding a complementary service or product line to boost revenues. Plan and execute it with caution.

Generate cash flow forecasts

Prevent a shortfall in the beginning to erase all the cashflow issues. Generating and making use of cash flow forecasts daily will inform you of the amount of cash your business might need in the forthcoming months. Is there a seasonal reduction in sales expected two months from now? If the forecast predicts something like that, you have time to implement the required measures and arrange for the cash to avoid any negative impact.

The cash flow forecasts are easy. But it is one of the underutilized accounting tools that can assist the company directors in averting various troubles in the future. It is essential to update it all daily with the correct figures, instead of the forecast to maximize the precision in the years to come. It would be best if you had to set-up a tool that you can depend on.

These are three essential tips that can help you manage and avert cash flow issues. Having a smooth cash flow is essential for proper business functioning and increases the brand value as well.

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