Scale up your small online clothing business with tips from Mike Giannulis
Michael Giannulis

Scale up your small online clothing business with tips from Mike Giannulis

To be a part of a billion-dollar fashion industry can be both thrilling and overwhelming. Mike Giannulis possibilities of growth can feel encouraging but fighting with competitions to maintain and grow your position can be a huge challenge to meet. True that it is not a cakewalk to stay and scale up fast in the competitive market. However, you can still make way for yourself with a bit of effort and proper strategies.

The fashion industry had also suffered a blow like others during the pandemic. But e-commerce businesses had an advantage over physical stores, as they either shut down or ran with limited staff. As a consequence, customers moved to online shopping. And as things are going, it is entirely predictable that e-commerce apparel businesses can take over brick-and-mortar shops. To seize this opportunity, you have to be ready. Here are a few things you can ensure to be a league apart.

Michael Giannulis: Scaling up an online apparel store

Brand presence

Creating a logo and visibility is crucial for branding. But you also have to focus on connecting with your customers. Tell them your story, so they identify with your journey. It should speak of your mission to make your offerings more attractive. If you win over their emotions, they will give repeat business.

Onsite engagement

You can boost your clothing business by making your website interactive. For this, you can use simple tools like a chatbox. Prompt them with best-selling products, most recommended items, and most viewed lists. The images’ quality has to be high-definition, accompanied by all the essential details and size options. Encourage people to add reviews and ratings. It is also an excellent strategy to scale up your business. It shows engagement and increases the trust of the visitors on your platform. Mike Giannulis says you can use SEO tools for engaging customers.

Stock/ collection

According to Michael Giannulis, one should not keep too many items in their collection as people find it both confusing and overpowering. They may explore varieties and not buy anything after hopping from one thing to another. Hence, maintain exclusivity with limited items. It would create a sense of urgency in people to buy.

Customer outreach

Use different places to target your audience. For example, social networking sites can be an apt solution here. Put out the best content to attract traffic to your website from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Spread your words so that everyone notices you. It would be useful for increasing sales. If you have to run paid and unpaid ads, indulge in that also. The more you do such activities, the more reach you get.

In the end, you have to know whether your customers are happy. Campaigns and visibility will stop yielding results after some time if your target group doesn’t support you. Hence, understand their pain points, needs. You have to address these to keep them hooked on to your business. To be precise, a combination of well-rounded planning can ultimately lead your business to higher success and scalability.

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