Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality In Education- The Next Step By Michael Giannulis
Michael Giannulis

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality In Education- The Next Step By Michael Giannulis

This is not the first time when you are learning about what Michael Giannulis says about virtual reality and also augmented reality. These two pieces of technology have been associated with the technical world. For quite some time now. The new thing to have introduced is the mingling of these two technologies into the educational world.

According to experts like Michael Giannulis, an immersive form of VR experience is always in need of the VR headset, to start it off with. This will have one digital interface, which will project images. The main goal is to create that real or virtual world, which the users are able to see and then interact with as needed. It will also include the easy usage of teacher controls and gesture controls as well.

It is true that some of the VR headsets are pretty expensive. But, then you have some other affordable alternative options like the Google Cardboard, where you can enjoy VR well too. Here, the user just has to insert their respective smartphone into viewer and that’s all need to be done.

On the other hand, notes on AR by Michael Giannulis:

Then you have the AR option to consider. It can easily be accessed through tablet or smartphone. In the same way, the technology gets to projects sound, image and even video with the help of a device camera.

  • But, apart from immersing the viewer in another world of reality. It will layer these images right on top of what you can see on camera.
  • For a simple example, Google search here will allow you to check out multiple animals within your environment. So that you can see your favorite wild animal sitting next to your desk!

Students are pretty engaged into this field now according to Mike Giannulis:

Students are always engaged with digital technologies. Such as VR as it inspires them well to think beyond their four classroom walls. Now, you must be wondering how to include this VR and AR experience within the classroom, right? There are various interesting ways to do the same.

  • Add it to the field trips. It is pretty helpful for the geography, arts, and history lessons. VR will be able to take students on tour around some of the best museums, galleries, and cities globally. Without the need to leave the classroom.
  • It is perfect for language immersion as well. The ultimate way to learn the language will be total immersion. VR will help students to get immersed in one foreign language. By placing them in the middle of the virtual world and hearing just the target language.
  • VR and AR are perfect for high-tech training too. It is proven to be highly influential for the students who are planning to pursue a career. In areas like medicine or the military. Here, AR and VR can project some of the real-life training.

Mike Giannulis is able to tell you more about certain areas of education, where AR and also VR are making some good roles to consider. So, check those points out too.

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